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18 Herbs & 6 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Diet E-Book

Admittedly our social media posts are like unicorns, but if you’ve been following the faint trail of pixie dust then you know we settled into our new Atlanta home and that the online shop is up and running. Our community, that’s you, has always been so supportive of us and now more than ever we are so grateful for your presence and encouragement.

It’s not easy running a business, not easy building a family, and certainly not easy picking up the life you loved and moving it to a new state. Thank you for being our cheerleaders. Thank you for your patience as we flowed through transitions. Thank you for your love. When we reach out and keep everyone updated on our happenings, we always receive a grandmotherly virtual hug in return. And that feels good.

In the spirits of gratitude and homesickness (yep, I admit it), we wallowed and then decided to create a small gift of appreciation to you. Here is a link to our first, short and freeeeeeeeee e-book, 18 Herbs & 6 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Diet. It’s four pages chock full of information that we hope you’ll find useful.

It feels like every day we hear of some new supplement, treatment, vitamin, or super food that can be taken to heal our whole body. I know I get overwhelmed by it all. It’s all too much hype (and misinformation) and you end up spending your money on something you’ll take for two weeks, and then forget all about. I want to be healthy in the most economical and efficient way possible. For me, that’s incorporating herbs into my current lifestyle and diet. Complicated protocols aren’t always realistic to follow when you’re living a busy life. Instead of taking several vitamins and other supplements, we drink herbal infusions and use every opportunity we can to add herbs to our food. Burdock in soup. Maca in yogurt. Sumac on popcorn. Dandelion in salad. Chaga in coffee. Basil infused in water. The list goes on and on.

Our goals with 18 Herbs & 6 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Diet are to give you a good starting point for using what you have in your kitchen in different and creative ways; to introduce you to a few new herbs that you can add to your home apothecary; and to help you think about your current diet and ways you can add a nutritional boost with little extra effort. Download it. Print it. Post it in your pantry. Use it to spark ideas and share your thoughts and creativity with us.

18 Herbs & 6 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Diet


















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