Herbal Medicine for the Soul an 8-month Online Apprenticeship

Herbal Medicine for the Soul is an introduction to the spiritual practice of healing with plant medicine. It is designed to rebuild your connection with the Earth to understand that plants and people are more similar than different.

As one of our students, you’ll gain personal insight and understanding of how your multidimensionality matches that of plants, thus learning to heal on all levels: mind, body and spirit.

Tangibly, you will learn how plants can be used to treat a variety of health conditions. Coupled with your intention, proactive self-care practices and a foundational understanding of medical astrology, you will learn how to align your health with your wellness goals, lifestyle and soul’s evolution.

The curriculum for this program includes lectures, labs, field trips, plant walks, special projects, discussion and community. While not specifically designed for the clinical herbalist, this curriculum will give you a solid foundation in herbal medicine and how plants can be used to facilitate healing in the body, mind and spirit. It is our belief that one must first be aware of and connected to one’s own inner intelligence, imbalances and issues and how to address them before attempting to facilitate healing for others. Change, healing and growth begin with Self.

With us you will learn:

  • The medicinal benefits of more than 40 plants, so that you can wisely choose the plant ally that will be most compatible with your body and condition.
  • How to connect with plants on the spiritual level, so that you can access their deeper teachings and wisdom, which in turn will help alleviate your physical and emotional imbalances.
  • How the planets influence the energy of people and plants, so that you can have a deeper understanding of universal laws and cycles as well as choose, channel and direct the energy that you want to flow into your life.
  • The art and skill of efficient medicine making, so that you can be prepared and equipped to make your medicine when you need it most.
  • How to detect the first signs of imbalance in your body and life, so that you can craft and implement a holistic protocol immediately to remedy it.
  • How to identify plants in their natural environment, so that you can harvest sustainably and develop greater awareness and reverence for the natural world.
  • The basics of the body, so that you can accurately pair herbs with their organ and system affinities, tissue states and energetics, thus exponentially increasing your ability to heal.
  • How to define healing for yourself, so that you can be more aware of what is throwing you off the path.
  • Best practices for working with plants, so that you avoid wasting time, energy, money and medicine.
  • How plants have been used and studied for their healing and teachings throughout time and across cultures, so that you understand that plants have always been and will always be the most sustainable, reliable and holistic practice of medicine for humanity.

If this program interests you and you're serious about your healing, email Selima at shlust@iwillaremedy.com.

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