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Clutch the Pearls

I went to the dentist a few weeks ago and she alerted me to the fact that there was a lot of staining on my teeth. It has nothing to do with the coffee, wine or herbal teas and infusions I drink weekly. As a matter of fact, I actually think there’s something in the water. I’ve always had great teeth – never had braces and they shine like a brand new pair of patent-leather Easter shoes. So when she mentioned staining, naturally I questioned whether or not she finished her degree.

We talked a little bit about the wine, coffee and tea I never drink and I asked her for a few tips on preventing further staining, after of course she showed me her credentials. Should I drink with a straw? Is it permanent? What can I do to restore my pride in my teeth again? She informed me that it’s not permanent but could become so. And, no I don’t have to drink with a straw, but I should drink more water. Ok I can dig it.

In our conversation, she didn’t give me the impression that the staining was critical, but I started to pay closer attention to my pearly whites. Low and behold two weeks after my appointment, I started noticing brown lines in between my teeth and had to pull out the big guns…I started scraping with a fork, horrible I know. But, how is this happening so soon after my appointment when she just cleaned them? More importantly, what can I do to stop my teeth from turning the color of dirt?

We have been wanting to make toothpaste for a while now, so here was my “Ah ha…uhh…duh” moment. Toothpaste! We have over 45 herbs in our home apothecary, so I knew something in there had to be good for teeth and gums. A few hours of research and ta-da…baking soda (alkalinizing), coconut oil (antibacterial), echinacea (boosts immunity and helps prevent gingivitis and gum disease), goldenseal (same as above and does so much more full body support), sea clay (re-mineralizing), clove and peppermint essential oils (flavoring and antiseptic) and turmeric (teeth whitening). As I’m sure you’ve guessed, yes, it tastes awful, but I exaggerate not when I say there were IMMEDIATE whitening results. Those faint brown lines are all gone. Taste aside, I’m pretty happy with this first batch. A few more tries and we’ll be ready to send out some testers to you all. My teeth feel really clean all day, I’m less concerned about the staining and I know my gums and overall oral health is getting a major boost. I see two goodie bags from the dentist in my future.


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