7-Day Fast & Energetic Cleanse Workshop | Jan 13th

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Herbal Medicine Making Workshop
7-Day Fast & Energetic Cleanse

R-E-S-E-T! Nourish and cleanse to kick off your new year. This is an informational workshop to prepare you for a 7-Day Fast & Energetic Cleanse. In this workshop, we'll map your fast, so that you do it safely. Learn about the herbs, juices and broths that you should consume that will maintain nutrition, while also facilitating healing and detoxification.

Additionally, fasting without spiritual attention is less effective, so we'll also discuss prayers and affirmations that will keep you aligned with your fast and cleanse intention.

Cost: $35.00

When: January 13, 2018 | 10:30a - 12:00p

Where: Kupcakerie, 2781 Main Street, East Point, GA 30344