Postpartum Kit

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Congratulations on your new, expanded family! Whether you’re having your first or fifth child, the postpartum period is a special time where both baby and mother need nourishment, community, love and care. Made exclusively for mom in mind, this Postpartum Kit is comprised of natural and herbal products to support her healing.

The Nourishing Pregnancy & Postpartum Tea blend is a full body tonic with high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. Designed to be taken daily throughout pregnancy and during the postpartum period, it strengthens and prepares the uterus for labor and delivery, encourages rich breast milk and repairs postpartum. It nourishes the nerves, liver, kidneys, adrenals and digestion.

The Postpartum Sitz Bath soothes and facilitates healing of her most tender parts. It soothes, cleanses and  strengthens the vagina, perineum and anus as well as reduces swelling, pain, discharge and excessive bleeding. In addition to its many benefits, it is antibacterial and antimicrobial for infection prevention.

Fenugreek has a long history of supporting woman postpartum, specifically in increasing breast milk production quickly. Whether nursing or pumping, fenugreek capsules are excellent to have on hand when mom is establishing her breast milk supply or when life happens and their is an unexpected drop in production.

My Skin Glows Multipurpose Cream is a treat for baby and mom. Its soothing and healing properties help with diaper rash and redness, sore nipples, scars, eczema, rashes and so much more. 

Kit Includes:
Nourishing Pregnancy & Postpartum Tea Blend (30 teabags)
Postpartum Sitz Bath (enough for 9 baths)
Fenugreek Capsules (60 capsules)
My Skin Glows Multipurpose Cream (2 ounces)

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