Restoring Shakti Bath

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This spiritual bath was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and the violation that is being done to all marginalized people. Realizing that we are all victims, even those who commit the atrocities, this blend is divinely designed to restore one's energy, one's light, one's beauty and one's connection to source. For it is only when we forget our true natures that we hurt and harm ourselves and others. Restoring Shakti it is protective and wound healing on all levels: mind, body and spirit.

Makes approx. 4 baths.

Epsom Salt, Comfrey, Calendula, Plantain Leaf, Rose, Lavender; Essential Oils of Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Frankincense, Myrrh; Infused with crystal energies of Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Red Tiger's Eye and Lapis Lazuli.

Steep 1 cup of the bath blend in at least 4 cups of fresh boiled hot water. Let steep for 20 minutes to 4 hours. Strain and pour into your bath.

Ritual Suggestion:
Make your space sacred by lighting a candle, dimming the lights, smudging sage, palo santo or incense and playing soft music. Before you enter your bath, ground yourself by connecting deeply into your body and the Earth. Set an intention for your bath. Think about what parts of yourself you'd like to heal, mend and restore and declare that intention aloud or quietly to yourself. Enjoy your bath for at least 20 minutes while remaining connected to your intention. Release, relax and allow healing. Repeat your spiritual bath as often as you like or need.

For external use only.