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Straining herbs

Herbs, herbs, herbs…herbs the word! We’re slowly stocking our medicine cabinet with our own herbal medicinal tea blends and tinctures. These blends will help to complement the herbal oils and creams that we already make for topical use.

Tinctures are made by soaking the appropriate plant material (roots, rhizome, leaves, flowers, etc) in a solution such as alcohol, vinegar, water or glycerine for an extended period of time (6 weeks or longer) to extract the medicinal qualities of the plant. Once it’s soaked, you then strain the herbs and use the remaining solution as your medicine.

We’ve had a few tinctures sitting since the summer and more sitting since September that we recently strained. The tincture formulas we’re working on are to help with PMS, acne and chronic skin conditions, anxiety and insomnia.  Here are a couple of pics of some of the strained herbs.

Tincture Making - Straining Dandelion


Tincture Making - Straining Red Raspberry, Burdock & Dandelion

Tincture Making - Straining Chamomile, Cramp Bark & Wild Yam

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