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The Founders

Together, Tami and Selima make up the creative team behind Iwilla Remedy. What began humbly as an experiment to oust the bottles in the medicine cabinet, grew into the business adventure it is today.  Tami and Selima, yin and yang, balance each other out in work and life. Together, they build Iwilla Remedy, travel the world and have a lot of fun.



Selima- Founders natural body careSelima Iwilla Harleston Lust, Co-Founder & CEO holds down sales, production, marketing and communications. She has 15 years experience in the arts and entertainment industry as an administrator, fundraiser, marketer and programmer. As a former Peace Corps volunteer and Cutco Sales rep, Selima offers uncanny resourcefulness and powers of persuasion to meet Iwilla Remedy’s sales goals. Lending more than her middle name to the business, Selima churns out the big and small ideas and sets the company’s vision for natural body care domination.


Tami Founders natural body careTami Lust, as Co-Founder & President handles all day-to-day operations, for which her fifteen-year background in information technology serves her well. From accounting and website maintenance to building the proprietary database that houses Iwilla Remedy’s sales, accounts and inventory, Tami keeps the machine running and well-oiled. In balancing left- and right-brain strengths, Tami’s calls forth her artistic inclinations and methodical problem-solving skills to create the initial formulas for Iwilla Remedy’s natural body care solutions, later book-ending the production process by working out the final kinks.

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