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Our Story

Tami and Selima here and it’s so nice to e-meet you! We like to think of ourselves as urban crunchy chicks! We live and love the city life, but feel just as connected to nature and Mother Earth. While we see fewer trees and smell less fresh cut grass than most, living in Brooklyn, we try to incorporate as many of the Earth’s treasures and experiences into our lives as we can. Instead of a lawn and backyard for cook-outs, we have a window garden and Prospect Park is really quite close! While fresh air is slightly more interesting in NYC, we can fill our home with the scents of lavender, sandalwood and jasmine from essential oils. We do what we can with what we have.  How did we start down this path? We heard the whispers of moms and friends who were way ahead of the curve in natural living than we were. Our bodies started showing signs (rather we started listening) telling us that our diet and lack of exercise was causing harm. Going through cycles of acne, back pain, anxiety, stomach-aches, constipation, etc. got old quick. Cancer scares and unfortunately, losses within our families had a huge impact on us deciding to live better and healthier lives. And sadly hearing the doctor say that the only solution to Tami’s uterine fibroid tumors was surgery, was the last sign of confirmation we needed to urge us to change our lives.

Universe, we heard you loud and clear! We made gradual changes toward improving our diets to mostly meatless and organic on payday. Above all, we read every label and are as strict as possible with avoiding processed foods and ingredients we know are toxic. Dance classes and Dahn yoga keep us limber. Lastly, instead of relying on prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines, commercial skin and hair care products, or even household cleaning products, we research, experiment and make our own. Is this more work? Absolutely, but it’s all worth it. We feel amazing!

And we feel self-empowered! The most important lesson we have learned throughout this process is that we own our bodies. We are responsible for taking care of these temples. We know what is good for us and can now make informed decisions. We know our triggers. Selima knows when she eats cow’s milk cheese, she’ll experience mucous and a stomach-ache, but goat’s milk is ok. Tami knows when she is dehydrated and her anxiety peaks, her fibroid tumors will cause abdominal pain. We both know that taking an antibiotic prescription medicine for acne will lower our immune system and make us more susceptible to infections and that the acne will return a few months later. We know that substances absorbed through the skin enter the blood stream faster than by any other means. So when our laundry detergent strips the wax off the hard wood floors, you bet we’re going to learn how to make it ourselves!

We do this because we can and so can you! Iwilla Remedy exists because we want to share everything we’ve learned. We want you to feel empowered to ask questions, to read labels and transition into health-filled practices. If you think something in your medicine cabinet, refrigerator or under the kitchen sink is weird, then research and find out what it is! Or ask us to do the research and we will report back on what we learned and try to make an alternative product for you. We’d love the assignment. Of course we also want you to fall in love with Iwilla Remedy’s products, but at the end of the day, if you decide to make it too we will be just as ecstatic! Win-win! And…welcome!

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