11 Ways to Use Herbs in Your Spiritual Practice

Herbs work on the mind-body-spirit. Here are 11 ways that you can work with plants and invite them into your heart through your spiritual self-care practice. Be intentional, be open, & be consistent. These practices are sacred and can open you up to the spaces within yourself that you tend to resist. Allow them to aid you in deepening your connection to Self & Source.

🌿 Head Wash - Make an infusion of your desired herbs. Let it cool to a comfortable temperature, then at the end of your shower, pour over your head.

🌿 Smudge/Incense - Make your own smudge sticks or use dried herb to burn on charcoal disks. Waft and wave to infuse the energy of the plants into your aura and environment.

🌿 Foot Bath - Make an infusion, add some Epsom salt, pour it into a big ole stock pot (we ain’t fancy!), and soak. Meditate, listen to calming music and/or read spiritual/inspiring literature.

🌿 Dream Pillow - All plants will make your dream life more vivid in some way. Start with one, see how it’s energy affects your subconscious. Journal about it in the morning.

🌿 Room Spritz - Diluted tincture or distilled water with a few drops of essential oil. Shake and spray yourself and your space.

🌿 Spiritual Bath - Make a strong infusion and pour it into your bath. Epsom salt and essential oils optional. Candlelight, music, and New/Full Moon energy…essential. 

🌿 Floor Wash - Make an infusion and mix it with vinegar to mop your floors.

🌿 Anointed Oil - Infuse your desired herbs in your fav carrier oil either in the sun (during summer) for 2-6 weeks or in a double boiler on low for 4-6 hours. Rub on your heart center, 3rd eye, inner wrists, knees and/or other chakra centers.

🌿 Carry - In your pocket, bra, or wrapped in a piece of jewelry or in cloth, carry plants with you and close to your body to feel their energy throughout the day.

🌿 Hang Over Doorways & Windows - Gather and tie one end of an herb bundle (wildflowers, pine, lavender, etc), and hang over doorways to shield and protect your home from unwanted energies.

🌿 Grow a Plant - Learn to listen to plants by honoring their needs and growth cycles. Choose an herb and pay attention to it, which will, in turn, help you pay attention to YOU.

Work with the herbs that are calling to you. Google-searching really not necessary. Use these rituals as opportunities to hone your intuition and anchor into trusting yourself. Set intentions, ask the plants for what you need, then take aligned action. 😘

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