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Selima provided Herbal Support during my last few weeks of pregnancy, and postpartum. I felt very overwhelmed and anxious about welcoming our 3rd child but, Selima's willingness to help me in any way she could really minimized many of these feelings during this time. Her expertise is herbal medicine, but she also provided a listening ear when I needed it the most. 
Selima was very calm, caring, supportive, and patient with me, offering many recommendations and guidance, as I did not have a clue of what I wanted or needed. The teas she prepared for me tasted amazing, and made me 'feel good' on the inside lol. She also prepared bone broth, lactation cookies, and sitz baths!!! My family and I cannot thank Selima enough for her genuine support during this very overwhelming and sensitive time in our lives. Thank you Selima! -Love Lauren, and the Davis Family



Selima and Tami are incredibly lovely people.  They're both grounded, open, good listeners and working on their own growth and expansion.  Selima worked with me on my personal protocol and I found her energy welcoming and kind.  She had a wonderful ability to create a safe space for me to share my mind, spirit and body history.  The herbs she gave me were full of healing and also had a great taste.  I have seen shifts in my body that I have craved for a long while.  Her additional insights on lifestyle, spirituality and space have been very valuable.  I hesitate to say my work with Iwilla Remedy was magical because I know there is much study and science to what Selima and Tami do.  I will say my experience of receiving the benefits from my personal protocol has been very fulfilling, insightful and yes . . . magical. - Victoria L. 



My private herbal consultation with Selima is a gift that keeps on giving. I went into the consultation seeking a natural, holistic remedy for anxiety and mood swings. What I received was a full herbal protocol that not only addressed my specific concerns, but that also led to empowering lifestyle changes. As a result of Selima’s knowledge and perceptive expertise, I now engage in a daily routine that involves meditation and herbs that tend to both the body and the spirit. Moreover, I now have a keen awareness of the emotional triggers that adversely impact my well-being along as well as practical ways in which to circumvent them. This service is invaluable. - Jessica D.



  I had been suffering with gout flare ups over the last 3-4 years. I could not pinpoint what foods were causing the issue. After a consult with Selima, I started taking the tea and tincture she formulated. Combined, these have had a huge impact on slowing my flare ups to a minimum. It has allowed me to train for my first marathon without any interruptions! - Dana L.