Astrological Birth Chart Interpretation

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I see the astrological birth chart of an individual as a map of a person’s spiritual growth and the soul’s progression in this lifetime.

Looking at the planets and where they were placed at your exact moment of birth speaks to the lessons you came here to learn. Your life has an incredible amount of purpose and meaning. Your parents, your work, your constitution and disposition, your longings, your family, your frustrations and sources of pain are teachers guiding you along the path of growth, balance, purpose, compassion and greater connection to Source.

How you respond to the lessons is entirely up to you. However, when you have a better understanding of the energies (the planets, their placement and interactions) at play that we are all beholden to, you make wiser choices because you know the potential consequences of your actions.

There are no surprises and I do not use the chart as a prediction tool. There are a myriad of ways that your life can unfold. You know who you are. A chart interpretation simply puts it all in context and affirms what you already know to be true about yourself, but may have difficulty understanding. It confirms your inner longings and conflicts, helps you find resolution and offers a pathway to living a more intentional life that brings you greater peace.

You will need to give me your exact date, time and location of birth. With this in hand, I spend 6-8 hours diving into you, then we meet and I explain everything I learned. We have a real conversation about where you are in your life, how you've grown and how you'd like to keeping moving forward on your spiritual path.

$225 paid via PayPal. Full Payment is required to book an appointment.

Booking Your Appointment:
Please schedule a 15min Free Discovery Call with Selima (below) to see if you're a good fit for this reading. On that appointment, if you decide to move forward with the reading, you will confirm the most convenient time on the Discovery Call. You will need your exact birth day, time and location.

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel or reschedule, then please call or email at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment time. 

Thank you for your consideration of my time and of others waiting for appointments.


 “Selima! Wow. I must say your reading was revealing and self satisfying. It was exactly what I needed. We walk everyday in our bodies sometimes not fully engaged with our spirit, with ourselves. I now feel awakened. I feel relieved, I feel supremely conscious and a tad bit eager to face some of the me that I forgot existed within the layers. Thank you for tapping in and being so open to give of yourself to aide in my spiritual journey. Love love love.” – D. Chapman Brown