Herbal Drinks Medicine-Making Workshop | Online Learning


Wow and nourish your friends and family with your very own signature herbal drinks. In this workshop, we’re teaching you how to make medicinal drinks that taste great because let’s face it, delicious medicine gets consumed, nasty medicine doesn’t.

In this workshop you'll learn how to make:
☕️ Herbal Hot Chocolate
🌿 Picky kid-approved family infusion
🥃 Herbal mocktail with alcohol pairings

For each drink you’ll learn about the many therapeutic benefits of the plants, some of which are adaptogenic, multivitamin, and nervous system tonics. These drinks support your wellbeing and satisfy your palette. 😋

Workshop Only: $25

Herb Bundle Includes (Purchased Seperatly):
Bone Broth Spice Blend (which doubles as our hot chocolate blend)
Holy Basil/Tulsi
Oat straw

Ingredients you’ll need from home:
Pomegranate Juice
1 Orange
Your preferred sweetener
Cocoa powder
Vanilla Extract
A nip of Gin, Rum, Bourbon, or Whiskey

This is a live workshop recording. You have forever access. All purchases are final. There will be no refunds or exchanges given for any reason. 

We (the Iwilla Remedy team) are not doctors. The information shared in this course, provided at your request and given inside the Workshop is for educational and informational purposes only.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. We don’t treat or diagnose disease or illness and the information we share doesn’t do that either, nor does it replace or substitute medical advice.

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