Nourishing Pregnancy & Postpartum Tea™ | Full Body Tonic


Product Description:
A full body tonic with high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. Designed to be taken daily throughout pregnancy and during the postpartum period, it strengthens and prepares the uterus for labor and delivery, encourages rich breast milk and repairs postpartum. It nourishes the nerves, liver, kidneys, adrenals and digestion.

1 ounce of loose leaf herb by weight.

Ingredients & Physical Benefits:

  • Red Raspberry - The safest and most widely used uterine tonic, Red Raspberry is a reproductive ally for all stages of a woman's development and cycles. Tonic and astringent.
  • Nettle - A multivitamin in and of itself, Nettle nourishes and strengthens the kidneys, liver, lungs and digestion. It heals damaged tissues and supports the whole body. Nutritive, alterative, hemostatic and kidney ally.
  • Alfalfa - A vitamin and mineral rich herb that improves gut health, improves nutrient absorption and promotes detoxification. Alkalizing, alterative, nutritive.
  • Rosehips - High vitamin C content helps to reduce susceptibility to and length of illness. A cooling tonic that is nutritive, antiseptic and astringent.
  • Dandelion Leaf - Nutritive tonic to the digestive organs with an affinity to the liver, blood and lymph. Alterative, high potassium diuretic and kidney cleanser.
  • Chamomile - An excellent remedy for a number of digestive and uterine complaints, especially when coupled with nervousness, tension and anxiety. Soothing, tonic, sedative, tantrums reduction.
  • Oat Straw - Tonic herb for nervous system exhaustion, weakness and depletion; Nutritional powerhouse, nervine, rejuvenative.

Pour 8 oz fresh boiled hot water over 1 TBLS herb. Cover and let steep for 20 min or longer. Strain out herbs and enjoy. For best results drink, adults drink 2-3 cups per day.


Consult your physician. This information is for educational purposes only. Not FDA approved.

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