Thriving Through the Holidays Medicine Making Workshop | Online Learning


The holidays are here. While many will do their best to celebrate the good, this will be yet another emotionally exceptional holiday season. 

So many have lost loved ones. So many will feel pressured to anxiously gather or sadly isolate themselves due to the ongoing pandemic. 

For some of us, to add to the current grief and worry, the holidays often accompany feelings and experiences of triggers, regression, boundary conundrums, and loneliness.

Though they are increasingly sweet, this time of year always leaves a bitter aftertaste for me. Plants remain steady support though, providing an emotional embrace. And our spiritual self-care practices helps us remember that we are safe, nurtured, and unconditionally loved.

In this workshop, we share some of my favorite plant allies and most grounding spiritual practices with you to help you Thrive Through the Holidays. No more settling for mere survival!

Together we will meditate, affirm, write, and make herbal medicine. You’ll set an intention and craft your own blend that will help you:

💛 Feel less anxious, sad, and lonely

💛 Confidently stay present and open

💛 Shine instead of shrink

💛 Speak your truth instead of your woundedness

💛 Feel more loved, supported, and embraced

💛 Quiet your emotional triggers along with their physiological manifestations

You will also learn about the many therapeutic benefits of the plants we will be working with so that you know how they can be used to alleviate everyday health complaints, restore your health, and/or maintain your current state of well-being. 



  • Wood Betony
  • Calendula
  • Rose
  • Lemon Balm

This is a live workshop recording. All purchases are final. There will be no refunds or exchanges given for any reason. 

When we held the workshop live the chat was lit 🔥 Here are a few screenshots of what participants had to say.


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