Are You Taking Score Too Soon?

September 19, 2019

Are You Taking Score Too Soon?

It’s so easy to look at what you’re doing and think you’re not making progress or it’s not coming together fast enough.

We take score too soon. Everything takes time. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, find a boo, get in shape, write a book, or thrive in biz.

When we plant seeds in a garden, we don’t expect them to have germinated, sprouted and bloomed the next day.

Everything. 🕐 Takes. 🕖 Time. 🕧

This morning I wrote down the names of every client & student as well as the numbers of followers, subscribers, customers, workshop participants and stores who’ve carried our products.

I said a prayer of appreciation and sent love and blessings to all. By the time I was done, I was 😭💗!

The numbers were astounding! 😲

I remember vividly the days of 🚫. No students, clients, customers, followers, stores, subscribers. No one saying yes.

I remember begging Spirit, to send me 1 one client a quarter. I remember fretting over unsubscribes, thinking,”Noooooo, if you unsubscribe then there’s only 10 people left and half of them are family!” 🤣

In the early days of trying to accomplish anything the struggle is real, esp if we’re keeping score.

If I can save you some frustration by offering 2 tidbits, it’s this:

  1. Put your head down, focus on your intention & everyday take the next step. Keep making progress. When I stopped checkin’ for vanity metrics and focused on doing the work I love, the people came.
  2. Every couple of months, do a Gratitude Inventory exercise. Pull out a piece of paper & write down the names and ways that you see your goal getting closer to fulfillment. It’s easy to get discouraged when you’ve haven’t reached The Big Number. 50 lbs, 3K students, $1M dollars. But those big numbers are made up of lots of small wins. It’s important to celebrate the mini-milestones.

If you’re going to keep score…let’s be honest most of us will, then you have to BE FAIR. You have made more progress than you realize.

When you keep your attention focused on what you desire, do the work, and pause to see how things ARE coming together, you will see you’re closer to your goal than you think.

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