Astrological Houses Explained

February 23, 2023

Astrological Houses Explained

If you’re a lover and student of astrology, but confused about all of the different elements (signs, planets, houses, aspects, oh my!), then this video on the astrological houses will help you out big time.

Every other month inside Herbal Medicine for the Soul we devote a call to a live medical analysis of someone’s chart. Medical astrology is illuminating because when we experience physical pains and imbalances, the interacting elements in our chart help us have a more honest conversation with ourselves about the inner tension and resistance we’re holding.

As above, so below. As within, so without. Your body is expressing, through wellness or illness, the conversation you’re having in your mental and emotional spaces.

Understanding the houses (12 of them) helps you unravel from this inner tension because they represent different areas of life where you’re developing and having certain experiences. For example, the 7th house rules one-on-one relationships (partnerships).

The houses also provide instructions on how to approach this area of your life. Houses gives you the “what” and the sign energy of the house gives you the strategy for achieving peace in this area of your life.

We know that 7th house experiences are about relationships and achieving harmony in our close relationships, but how you go about doing that will depend on the sign energy you have in that house. Someone with Cancer in the 7th house will have a completely different strategy for achieving peace in relationships than someone with Scorpio. And when we’re not experiencing harmony here, if the tension is building and we’re not doing anything about, it’ll likely manifest physically.

The planets obviously play a huge role too, but I don’t want to overwhelm you, so let’s just stick with understanding the houses for now and we’ll tie in more elements in future videos. Trust, this will make much more sense as you watch the video!

And for bonus points, if you know your birth time, plug in your details on and pull up your chart while you watch the video.

With joy,
Selima & Tami

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