Burdock Root + Safety

March 25, 2023

Burdock Root + Safety

For today’s second Healing Prix Fixe Appetizer, we’re presenting and plating safety. It’s impossible to heal when you don’t feel secure. 

Plants have an amazing ability to help us reconnect with our bodies and feel safe within ourselves. Our bodies should be a place of safety, not a source of threat. We all deserve to feel secure and protected in our own skin, but this can be challenging when we have experienced trauma, big or small.

Growing up, I had to be constantly aware of my surroundings and the moods of those around me. This hypervigilance was exhausting and left me feeling constantly on edge. 

It’s common to feel unsafe in different degrees, and prolonged periods of feeling this way can have a significant impact on our nervous systems, leading to anxiety, depression, detachment, and disassociation, all things I felt well into adulthood.

The beautiful thing about working with plants is the way they gently and subtly help us shed our armor and tap into a parasympathetic, engaged, and open state. 

Adaptogenic herbs, nervines, flower essences, and bitters all have a direct benefit to our nervous systems, working on our consciousness in ways that are unique and beneficial to each of us. 

They provide a reliable and unconditionally loving support system that encourages us to let our guards down and be vulnerable and emotionally connected again.

For me, it was the choice to keep going and to trust in the healing power of plants that allowed me to start shedding my armor and open up to the people around me, including my wife Tami. 

I had to learn to recognize the trustworthiness of others, and it was through my experiences with plants that I was able to do so. It wasn’t always easy, but I kept going because I knew I deserved more for my life.

If you’re struggling with feeling safe in your own body, know that there is not just hope, but tangible help from nature. 

Plants can be a powerful ally in your journey towards healing and self-discovery. Keep going, and trust that with time and patience, you too can feel at home in your own skin.

Speaking of skin, our herbal pairing for safety is Burdock Root, a remarkable ally for getting to the root of skin conditions. 

This taproot can extend nearly 3 feet into the ground. When I am working with Burdock Root I imagine its taproot as a cord that connects me to the center of the Earth and I feel grounded and supported.

Burdock helps us detoxify and clear away the emotional debris that traumas cause, so that we remember who we really are. We are not our wounds. 

We are mighty extensions of Source and while our skin may get bruised in these lifetimes, our souls always remain pure and untouched.

You are Safe.

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