Cayenne + Movement

April 03, 2023

Cayenne + Movement
At the top of the year Tami, a few Herbal Medicine for the Soulers, and I committed to a 100 Day Challenge. We aren’t doing the same activity for the 100 days, but we’re all doing something.
To add spontaneity and fun, Tami and I chose for each other and for me she chose daily exercise. My general commitment to movement is to do something 3 days per week, so this is a real stretch. And I was doing well…until I wasn’t. I started to wobble around day 72, missed a few days, then got myself together again.
Just this week (challenge is over next week), I realized that I struggle committing to my yoga practice. After trying many kinds, I finally found a style that I love and I respond well to. When I’m off the mat too long I can feel the muscular misalignment creep in. Yoga is why I was able to stop shelling out $300 per week for chiropractic care when I was a broke student in my late 20s (this went on for years).
It's the best form of movement for me and yet…
I have a theory about habits. They are not formed in 30 days. Habits are molded in commitment. They are formed when you stop negotiating and making excuses about whatever it is you want to change. This can take any amount of time – it depends on you.
Anytime you’re adopting a new habit, making a change in your life, or doing something new, it requires time and practice to stop the tug-of-war within you. One part of you is used to doing something one way and the other half of you is trying to replace a habit with a new activity.
In this process of trying to trade one action for another, there’s an internal push and pull that happens. The muscle memory of the old habit must die so that the new habit can override it. The old habit pushes you while you are trying to pull yourself toward the new one.
When you no longer experience that inner tension, your new habit is formed. But while you are in process, you must be conscious and deliberate about choosing your new action.
Is there something in your life that you’re in a tug-o-war about like me?
Today’s Healing Prix Fixe dessert is movement, specifically physical movement of your body. While we’re not all built to run marathons, do CrossFit, yoga or dance, our bodies are meant to move.
The stagnation from inactivity has far too many detrimental effects. From increasing our risks for chronic diseases, muscle weakness, and excess weight, to poor cardiovascular health, mental health, energy deficits, and sleep quality, movement mends and mitigates.
I am going to stop negotiating with myself and get on the mat and invite you to do the same. What is one form of movement that’s compatible with your constitution and condition you can commit to? Not only is this movement healing for us, but we also feel better, and we all deserve that.
Cayenne is our herbal pairing with movement and as a strong mover of blood it’s a fitting ally to help us spring into action. Most people think of Cayenne as a spice to heat up food, but it has a long tradition of being used medically for infections, arthritic and nerve pain, headaches, circulation, any type of cold-stagnating condition, and even depression. A little goes a long way. It sparks just the right amount of fire under our butts to get us to the gym, the mat, the class. Once you’re there, you’ll do the rest and feel so much better for it.

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