Doubting yourself? Use this...

Curious - have you ever experienced inner dialogue like this…

“What will they think about me?”

“They’re going to think I am stupid or what I am doing is crazy.”

“They are going to judge me.”

If I just crawled into your brain, it’s because I know how it feels to have those questions swirling when you’re considering putting yourself out there, trying something new, or switching things up.

Be it a new diet, a new workout or a new outfit, we all do it. We let the thoughts that other people might be thinking stop us from moving forward on an idea, change or dream. And why? Because somewhere on our journeys, we forgot how to trust ourselves and listen to our inner beings.

But we can’t move through life as our authentic selves when we allow the opinions of others to dictate what’s right for us.

If you’re in the habit of giving the mic to other people’s opinions, then you might be on the #strugglebus of self-doubt, decision fatigue and anxiety. Remember…anxiety is the mind giving the body a hard time.

I developed a mantra recently that’s helped my Herbal Medicine for the Soul students recently. And it goes a little something like this:

I think my own thoughts and I feel my own feelings.

Super simple, right. Say it with me.

I think my own thoughts and I feel my own feelings.

Say it. Write it. Own it. Live it.

You may be the only on in your family who’s on the natural healing journey and that is perfectly ok. Remember, no matter what they think about your herbs, supplements, potions or spells 😉, your inner voice is the only one that matters. Health isn’t one-size-fits-all and so long as the path you’re on genuinely makes you feel happy, whole and healed, then you’re doing what’s right for you.

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