Dr. DW Did it Right

April 15, 2020

Dr. DW Did it Right
Dr. DW, a student inside Herbal Medicine for the Soul has been working on the frontlines with COVID19. Due to the overwhelming exposure, she got it. What did she do? Equipped with the herbal medicine and skills that she’s learned and integrated into her life from my program, she pulled out her plants and created her herbal protocol. Not only was she feeling better within days, she returned to work and did a 19-hour shift. 😳

Here’s what she didn’t do…she didn’t call me, frantically asking, “what should I do?” She, just like all of the students who come in the program, owns her wellness. She practices daily proactive self-care, drinks daily herbal infusions, manages her emotional responses, and when the exposure got to be too much for her to handle, she honored her needs for rest and kicked her herbal regimen up several notches.

This is what Herbal Medicine for the Soul is all about. And it’s really interesting because our health care system, our doctor’s offices, urgent care facilities, and hospitals, are actively saying, “Don’t come here. We are overwhelmed. We cannot help you.” In short, “figure it out,” yet for several recent generations we have been conditioned to turn to experts to “fix us.” Many, myself included at one point, gave away our power and passed on the responsibility of health to someone else. We forgot how to pay attention to our minds, bodies, and spirits. We forgot how to practice prevention. We forgot that we were supposed to be the experts on our own health.

Herbal Medicine for the Soul restores the power dynamic. You become your own healer. You remember that you are the expert on you and that those you hire be they doctors or other practitioners are resources. You remember that your body always reaches toward wellness. You remember how to align with that which you know to be true at your core…that you were meant to live well. You were meant to thrive, not spend your days, years and decades imprisoned by illness.

The program is so much more than learning how to use herbal medicine for your health.

Yes, you get the materia medica (55+).
Yes, you learn the plant-to-person matchmaking skills.
Yes, you learn how to make and take herbal medicine effectively and efficiently.
Yes, you learn how to use medical astrology to diagnosis your emotional and therefore physical imbalances.
Yes, you integrate the CALYPSO Healing Method into your emotional healing process.
Yes, you design your spiritual self-care practice.
Yes, you discover what the emotional root causes of your pains are all about so that you can heal them from the inside out.
Yes, you learn how to heal your trauma.
Yes, you get the skills and develop the confidence to start and/or enhance your own holistic business

But what you really get that's intangible, yet priceless, are joy and freedom. The joy of knowing that you’re in control of your health (because you know exactly what throws you off balance and you love yourself so much that you stop engaging in self-harming habits). The freedom of moving through life with your purpose on your mind, and not your diagnosis.

I’m tryna’ tell y’all! Life is so good when you heal. If you’re ready for the good life, enrollment in Herbal Medicine for the Soul is open. Sign up for a Wellness Strategy Session here to apply. >> http://bit.ly/WellnessStrategySession <<

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