Elder + Wisdom

March 28, 2023

Elder + Wisdom
“There are some people who think, “I can’t” and there are some people who think, “why can’t I?” Our thoughts about our capability yield drastically different experiences.

This is why Belief is today’s Healing Prix Fixe main course. The only difference between folks who heal or achieve their goals and folks who don’t is belief. When you believe and take action that’s in alignment with your belief, how can’t you progress?

Belief is conviction: you’ve decided the outcome before it arrives or manifests into your reality.

Your body is designed to heal. The homeostatic systems in your body ensure that pH, glucose, blood pressure, temperature, fluid balance and so much more stay within normal ranges so you don’t die!

You’re not instructing your heart to beat, or your muscles to contract, or your pupils to dilate. What your body does for you every single moment of every single day to maintain your wellbeing is miraculous.

You know what, scratch that, it’s not miraculous because it’s not an aberration or unique or a one-off, it’s NORMAL! So let’s normalize the beliefs that you are your body are miracles!

Our job is to stop obstructing the miracles that are normal and happening every day. To get out of the way of the wellbeing that flows to and through us every day. To stop doing the things that get in the way. Period.

What are some of those things:

🙇🏽‍♀️ Doubt. Thoughts and beliefs that aren’t aligned with wellbeing.
🙇🏾‍♀️ Relationships we choose to stay in that aren’t supportive or nourishing.
🙇🏿‍♀️ Habits, dependencies, and behaviors that we participate in that hold us back.

Lemme keep it real…the clients that are the hardest to work with are not the ones with numerous health problems or complex, multi-systemic conditions. Nope. By far it’s the people with the most doubt. I’m not talking healthy skepticism, which may tell us to proceed with caution. I mean the people who fight tooth and nail for their limitations. The ones who argue for their past failures. The ones who want to be proven right more than they want to be well.

How can your body heal if more of your thoughts are focused on its failing? You’d be surprised how much your health improves when you chose to change your self-talk. And when you change your self-talk so that it is more affirming of your wellbeing, then you start to shift from doubt to belief. All belief is, is consistently thinking that the result you desire is more possible than impossible. It’s not hard, but it does take practice because your conditioning tells you to be practical, cautious, and conservative.

Here’s what I’ve learned, you desires never go away. You will never NOT want to feel better or NOT want to be the healer that is your assignment. It won’t go away and when you keep yourself in your comfort zone, your dissatisfaction intensifies. Because you’re not closing the gap. You’re not expanding, trying, moving toward a desire that’s been lit up in your soul. And that becomes painful stagnation.

Within the vision is the promise of its fulfillment. All of the resources, information, ideas, and people that you need in order to heal or achieve your goals is available. Your belief (and right action) is what lets those things in.

Whew…that was a whole word y’all. Spirit’s moving mountains today! 💯

Today’s herbal pairing with Belief is Elder. With how popular Elderberries are, you’re likely already familiar with this plant. Superbly supportive for our immune systems, Elder understands what’s helpful versus what’s hurtful. And this is why Elder teaches us wisdom. Wisdom is knowing what moves you forward, knowing what holds you back, and choosing the former over the latter more often than not.

So much love,
Selima & Tami

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