Free Nourishing Family Infusions Ebook - 25 Recipes

June 30, 2023

Free Nourishing Family Infusions Ebook - 25 Recipes

We incorporated weekly family infusions into our herbal practice when our son Niles was 1 year old (he’s 8 now) and it was one of the best decisions we made for our physical and mental health.

Every(ish) Sunday we make a half gallon infusion for us to drink throughout the week. These infusions are not condition specific, rather they are blends that are mostly tonics, nourishing, nutrient-rich and provide general immune, digestive, and nervous system support. Sometimes we'll add fruit, fresh herbs from the garden, and new finds from the farmer’s market.

This practice maintains our wellness, provides us with extra vitamin and minerals. We all feel more energy and greater focus when we drink these infusions. We rarely get sick and if we do, it’s short and mild.

When we fall off of the practice, the energy shift in the house is noticeable. And you can pretty much guarantee that Niles will come home with the latest bug.

We’re so excited to share 25 family of our friendly herbal recipes in an ebook! We really hope you are inspired to start this practice for yourself and loved ones because it’s simple and flexible.

You don’t need a lot of herbs or equipment and can mix and match herbs based on your taste preferences and the herbs that are easily accessible to you.

When folks say “it’s expensive to be healthy,” this is one of the cheapest practices you can adopt to gradually shift from illness to wellness.

Download your free Nourishing Family Infusions Ebook now. 

With joy,
Selima & Tami

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