From Ice Cravings to Period Relief: My Journey & How You Can Find Yours

May 20, 2024

Period Relief YouTube Short


Do you struggle with long, heavy, and painful periods? You're not alone! Many women experience discomfort and disruption each month. In this blog post, I share my personal story of overcoming period problems and how I can help you find relief.

My Journey:

For years, I dealt with intense period pain and heavy bleeding. The cravings for ice were so strong, I even bought special trays for faster freezing! Back then, access to healthcare wasn't what it is today, and I wasn't diagnosed with anemia until my twenties. Looking back, it's shocking how we normalize feeling unwell.

Taking Charge of My Health:

By focusing on natural solutions, I was able to significantly improve my periods. Now, I experience shorter cycles with a normal flow and minimal discomfort.

Are You Ready for Relief?

If you or your child experiences menstrual struggles, I can help! Join our Family Farmacy program.

Inside Family Farmacy:

  • Learn to utilize herbal remedies for your family's common health concerns – ditch the unnecessary medications!
  • Gain access to an exclusive LIVE workshop (past and present members only) focused on achieving pain-free periods.

Don't settle for discomfort! Take control of your health and join Family Farmacy today!

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