How to Heal Trauma with Plant Medicine Podcast Interview

I had so much fun talking about all of my favorite things on this podcast interview with Sama Morningstar of Womb Centered Healing!

✴️ Plants - How to work and build a spiritual connection with plant medicine.

✴️ Healing - Being intentional about your healing, the importance of developing a spiritual self-care practice and process for healing, and reminding you that you don’t have to go at it alone.

✴️ Mind-Body-Spirit Connection - Learning to listen to the thoughts coursing through your mind and how said thoughts are either in alignment with your spirit or not as well as how thoughts trigger physical responses.

✴️ Trauma - How the traumas and first wounds you’re carrying are holding you back and what to do about it.

✴️ Joy - On the other side of your pain is an incredible life full of love and possibility. Choose joy!

Interview is also available on Spotify and

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