I used to compare my work to others all the time

December 17, 2020

I used to compare my work to others all the time
I used to compare my work to others all the time.

“I don’t know as much.”

“My IG pictures aren’t as pretty.”

“My work doesn’t look spiritual enough.”

“Why wasn’t I asked to speak at that event? I know some shit too!” 😂

I don’t remember who said it, but they were correct in stating, “comparison is the thief of joy.”

That record started to change for me though when I put my head down and got to MY work. Focusing on what I was meant to co-create with Spirit quieted those records. I didn’t have it all planned out, but every day I got my next set of instructions, which I followed.

People who are operating in their visions don’t compete or compare.

In the beginning, you have to put forth a lot of effort, like pushing a boulder, to get your thing off the ground. You are pushing the vision forward. Then the vision starts pulling you and you’re trying to keep up with it!

It’s a magical shift that happens that I hope everyone whose trying to build or achieve something reaches. A lot of people give up when they’re in the pushing phase and never reach that tipping point.

And this seems to be true no matter if you’re trying to build a business, get healthier, learn a new craft, or figure out your next move. Keep going! Put your head down and persist.

You will reach a point where you’ve built momentum and honestly when you’re there, you are far too busy and too inspired by what Spirit has FOR YOU to give attention to what others are doing or saying.

Every time you look up to check out what someone else has or is doing, you’re taking your focus off of Self and diminishing your progress. It’s a distraction.

No one is more special, smarter, luckier, or better equipped than you are. We all have our own paths and journeys, and no one is exempt from learning lumps, obstacles or detours.

It’s just that some people are traveling I-95 while others are on the backroads. Some are biking, others are walking. It’s never been a race.

It goes without saying that this year has been wild and people’s experiences have fallen on both extremes of the spectrum. Perhaps it’s been the best year of your life, you’ve grown in leaps and bounds and got to pursue the things that had been on your list for a while. Or maybe it’s been your worst year, with hardships, sickness, and death at your doorstep.

Either way, this was a “put your head down” kind of year. We were forced to focus on what the present moment demanded of us. I pray that as you reflect on this year and prepare for the next, that you carry with you the intensity of focus that was one of our greatest opportunities and gifts from this year.

Focus on self, on your personal growth and alignment, on your co-creations with Spirit, and the vision that only you are the vessel for. Be so busy inside your purpose that you don’t have time or energy to give the mic to what others are doing or saying. And remember that your life always speaks, Spirit always supports, and solutions abound.

With joy,

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