Legacy...Legacy...Legacy...Black Excellence...

We had the honor and pleasure to join one of our dearest soul sisters Jacqueline Rolandelli in a conversation centered on legacy. 

What does it mean? What have we inherited? What are we leaving behind? These questions were answered along with how we can be more intentional about who we are choosing to become and what we are choosing to create in these lifetimes. 

As Maya Angelou once said to Oprah, "Your legacy is every life that you've touched." Whether directly or indirectly, your life with have ripple effects for generations to come. Your story is history in the making. There will be people who speak your name long after you've transcended. What will they say?

Tune into this rich conversation and tell us what you know to be true about your legacy in the comments below 👇🏽

Check out more of Jackie's work on ourfemininelegacy.com.


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