September 28, 2020




Libras are you lonely? Never or always…can’t make up your mind about it! As the sign that’s most intricately tied to our intimate relationships, Libra comes alive when boo’d up in bed or in business and often feels lost at sea and without clear focus when alone.

This doesn’t mean the Libran can’t be alone, however, the Libra dominant person is learning in this lifetime the balance of selfhood and partnership. Libra consciousness is oriented around the “we.” Libra needs partnership in order to understand and purify self.

One does not relinquish the personal will or ego when with others, rather learns to be a cooperative part of the union where both parties are seen, heard, and valued. How do you balance I/We? If it’s win-lose, well guess what…you both lose.

Libra is inside all of us, so whether you’re a Libra sun, moon, rising, or have many or no planets in Libra, this energy is still in you. Join me to learn how Libra’s energy shows up in your relationships, your health, and your soul’s journey.

This virtual, self-care astro-herbal workshop will be hosted by Clinical Herbalist, Medical Astrologer and Spiritual Teacher, Selima Harleston Lust.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

♎️ Libra through the 12 houses, so you can know where cooperation with others is the biggest lesson and harmony is key.

♎️ How to use Libra’s charm, judgment for the good of the partnership and not just the Self.

♎️ Self-care practices for Libra, so you don’t burn-out by trying to be everything for everyone and finding peace at any price.

♎️ Which planetary transits to keep your eye on in 2020 and early 2021.

♎️ How Libra shows up in the physical body and how to use herbal medicine and mindfulness to mitigate Libra related health problems and illnesses

♎️ Craft Libra affirmations and set intentions  


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