Life nudges us or shoves us

February 16, 2022

Life nudges us or shoves us

Life pushes us in the direction of our desires. Sometimes it’s a nudge, a gentle whisper and graceful synchronicity. In other times it’s a kick in the butt, like a job loss, a shocking diagnosis, news that rattles our core, or some other such event that speaks so loudly we can no longer ignore it. It begs the question: how many times do we have to hear the same message before we obey?

I would love to say about myself that I always listen to Spirit the first time, but that’d be a bold-faced lie. While I act faster now than I used to, there are some changes that I’ll resist with every fiber of my being.

Getting up before the sun. It’s sounds so minor I know, but I love my bed, the warmth, the snuggles, the stillness and the quiet. I’m an early riser, but I like to stay in the bed for as long as possible.

Well that’s all come to a sudden stop. 2022 has already ushered in some major changes in our lives (to be announced in due time) and as a result, I’m up at 4:30-5:00am 6 days a week, on the treadmill, and diving into the next chapter of my work.

Here’s the thing about life pushing you toward your desires: when you let go of the resistance, you actually LOVE it! Maybe you don’t love the circumstances that brought you to the doorstep of your transformation, but you love embodying more of who you know you’re meant to be. And you WANT to make the necessary adjustments in your life, attitude, and routine because they feel good.

While I enjoy my morning time and used to need 10 hours of sleep, I love where this change of routine is leading me. Besides, the days of practically being able to sleep for 10 hours left when we had a kid. What parent gets to do that?!?!

So whether you’ve felt the nudge twice or 20 times now, I implore you to take heed. You won’t regret it. Spirit never sets us up for failure or for circumstances in which we’re not fully supported.

One of the only differences between the now you and the future you, is that future you let go of the resistance.

With love,

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