Living Well in the Big Easy Radio Interview

I sat down with long-time friend, fellow plant lover, and host of Living Well in the Big Easy Radio, Nicole Rochat, to discuss the magic and power of plant medicine! Lessons and gems dropped include:

  • My first memories of drinking chamomile tea as a child and why it remains my one of favorite plant plants for bringing in peace and help you anchor into your personal power
  • My big "why" for being in this work and why I'm passionate about helping people heal
  • Joy as our birthright
  • The huge invitation 2020 has presented to all of us
  • Your health is your responsibility and why it's important to do the inner work
  • How you can truly "be the expression of source energy that you were meant to be"
  • Black joy ✊🏽 🙌🏽
  • When you do your individual healing work, you help the collective
  • Pain as a distraction, preventing you from accessing the fullness of your energy, purpose, and joy
  • How we create, manifest, get into alignment, and close the gap between who we are and who we want to be
  • How plants help us remember that we can trust ourselves, trust other humans, trust Spirit, and trust this world and how things are unfolding

We also got into some specifics around supporting our immune and nervous systems with plants, which go hand in hand, and have been put through the ultimate test this past year! I hope you enjoy this beautiful conversation and it helps you on your path.

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