My Client Died

January 25, 2022

My Client Died

I thought it was odd that I hadn’t heard from Ms. Sandra in months. Our work together had slowed down, but when it was time to refill her herbal medicine, we’d chat and catch up. I sent her a text during the holidays to check-in and when she didn’t respond immediately like she usually did, I knew…

I Googled her name and saw the obituary. Damn. She was in her seventies with several health issues, she’d had several surgeries, was on oxygen, her kidneys were failing, and when we met doctors had just detected cancer. She was frail in body, but fierce in spirit.

As a Virgo and entrepreneur, she devoted her life to caring for others and had been in business for 25 years providing home health care. In our conversations, she spoke fondly about her life, her work, and the jazz musician she dated! She craved chocolate, crocheted, and loved to read.

In our very first conversation after we talked about her health, we started talking business and I asked her what’s the key to longevity. She said “total focus.

What isn’t this the key for, right? It doesn’t mean single-minded focus as in you can’t have a life or a family, other interests or passions.

However, it does mean that you’ve got to keep your intention at the forefront of your mind and heart at all times. It also means being consistent with aligned action, not just staying busy for busy’s sake, but taking the steps that lead you in the direction of your desire.

What happens without “total focus?” When challenges arise, when there’s a hiccup, a distraction, or when the win doesn’t come the next day, many people stop. And when you stop, you stop the momentum you were building. And when the momentum slows, confidence diminishes and fear grows.

Momentum is invisible, undetectable initially, but it is there...because when you’re aligned and focused, the universe is backing you up a million times over. But you have to exercise trust. You’ve got to keep going. In the words of Ms. Sandra, you’ve got to maintain “total focus.”

May she rest in power, knowing she was loved and that her wisdom touched more lives than she imagined.

With love,

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