Not Playing Small

January 31, 2018

Not Playing Small
"You've been paid for by people who never even saw your face. Your mother's mother, your father's father." - Maya Angelou

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Maya Angelou spoke of this often in her speeches, the knowing that our ancestors not only paved the way, but paid for us through their hard work, their prayers, their sacrifices and their lives. Everything that we are able to do today is because someone before us wished it, fought for it, advocated for it and spoke it into existence before we were born.
Maya's message penetrated our hearts while we celebrated Tami's milestone 40th birthday. We did it big for five days straight! Massages, a short getaway in the GA mountains, zip-lining, the Janet Jackson concert, cake and ice cream with the fam and then dinner at one of Atl's finest steakhouses. We had fun, we relaxed, we reflected and Tami broke through her fear of heights.

Most importantly, however, we gave thanks to all those who came before us. While in the penthouse suite at a romantic inn in Helen, GA overlooking the field and mountains, we were very present with our presence in that place. A room where surely two black women were once unwelcome. Not able to relish the sunset, the chef's creations or the ambiance. We could enjoy it because our ancestors dreamed it. We could afford it because they already paid for it.

Tami needed to enter this new decade breaking through the obstacles of her own creation. Not just her fear of heights, but also her resistance to living a joyful life and being vulnerable enough to be seen in her fullness by all. Along with 39, Tami laid to rest hiding and playing small.

This life to be lived extravagantly, fearlessly and reverently. We owe it to those who came before and were imprisoned by the words "I can't" for whatever reasons.

Tami can and will.
I can and will.
You can and will.

Stand in your authentic power. Be vibrant.

Tami & Selima

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