Penis Soaks for Hygiene, Infection, and Symptom Relief

October 19, 2022

Penis Soaks for Hygiene, Infection, and Symptom Relief

We are funny creatures. We might have a pain in our shoulders for months that goes unchecked, but as soon as something happens to our genitalia, we panic, make a doctor’s appointment immediately and turn to Google diagnosis while we wait.

Persistent problems in our reproductive organs triggers something primal in us and make us feel embarrassed, fearful and ashamed. Bumps, rashes, weird secretions and foul smells coming from our most precious and private parts urge us to act immediately.

This video is devoted to people with penises. Maybe you’ve never considered penis hygiene outside of using soap and water in the shower. Using herbal medicine for penis care is an easy addition to your routine when something feels or smells off.

Watch this short video and learn how to make a herbal infusion that can be used as a penis soak. Learn about the herbs to include in your soaks and their benefits, as well as what irritations penis soaks can alleviate.



  • Get a quart sized jar or pot,
  • Add 1 tablespoon of each of the following herbs:
    • Yarrow
    • Calendula
    • Echinacea Root (you may need to grind your Echinacea a little so that it’s smaller sized, tough plant parts typically need to be simmered in order for the water to fully penetrate into the herb, but grinding it serves the same purpose when you’re making an infusion.)
  • Pour 3 cups of fresh boiled filtered hot water into the jar or pot.
  • Cover and let steep until the temperature cools to room or body temperature.
  • Once it’s cooled, strain out the herb.
  • Discard or compost the herb material and now you have your penis soak infusion.
  • Optional: Add up to 10 drops of essential oil of Tea Tree or Lavender.
  • Shake or stir infusion really well
  • Dip your penis in there, relax for 5-10 minutes.
  • Store in refrigerator and re-use
  • Discard if cloudy or after a week

With joy,
Selima & Tami

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