Period Pains...Eff That!

August 08, 2019

Period Pains...Eff That!

Do you know that there are women who DO NOT have painful periods? Like…no cramps, no breast tenderness, no bloat, no moodiness, no nada!

I gotta tell ya…I was shocked when I first heard this. I felt like my friends were holding out on me! 😉

Why? Because we are so conditioned to believe that periods have to be painful, annoying, and that they get in the way of us enjoying life. Like they are some sort of curse or a necessary evil. Or worse…something to be ashamed and embarrassed by.


I’ve been deliberately been creating joyful periods for myself using herbs and the CALYPSO Healing Method™. They didn’t start off painful, but somewhere on my journey they got that way as the shame of trauma settled into my womb. I used my power and tools to change my period story.

And now…I gotta #brag. Because this last month there were practically (I’m 99% there) no cramps, no backaches, and no breast tenderness.

Whether your moon is painful or you’ve got something else going in your body that you’d like to heal, let’s claim your #wellnesswin.

Under no circumstance do we have to accept pain as a normal part of our lived experience. The body is magnificently designed to lean toward balance and well-being. And when you heal the feels (pent-up negative emotion is the root cause of all pain)….you heal!!

Join me on my free Herbal Medicine Masterclass.

On it you’ll learn how to:

🌀 Take herbal medicine the right way (stop poppin’ plants like pills)

🌀 Find the herbs that are compatible for YOUR body, constitution, personality & condition (we match plants with people not symptoms with herbalism)

🌀 Use the CALYPSO Healing Method™ to heal the emotional root cause of pain, so it goes away for good

Lastly, you’ll learn how you can work with me inside my 6-month mentorship program Herbal Medicine for the Soul.

Register for the next Masterclass here to learn how to turn your health issues into non-issues, holistically and spiritually.

P.S. What herbs did I use? Black cohosh, cramp bark, passionflower, valerian, red raspberry, mugwort, motherwort, and calendula are a few of my go-to uterine herbs. But since herbs aren't one-size-fits-all, learn how to choose the plants that are compatible with you on my Masterclass

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