Pisces Season Self-Care | An Astro-Herbal Virtual Workshop [REPLAY]

March 04, 2021

Pisces Season Self-Care | An Astro-Herbal Virtual Workshop [REPLAY]

Pisces, do you have one foot in the matrix and the foot in spirit? This reason alone probably makes you one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. While you’re in a physical body and going through the motions of managing life, you are simultaneously elsewhere: in dreams, stories, fantasies, other realms, and worlds of your own creation. “There” is often more fun than “here.”

Pisces always has company, in its head are not-so imaginary friends. They are very real because Pisces is attuned to what’s beyond. Your psychic gifts are unmatched, but when you’re fearful of them instead of aware and embracing, this is when we see your harmful escapist tendencies rise to the surface.

Pisces is sensitive, compassionate, and forgiving, not because it’s noble, but because what drives Pisces is understanding what gets people all knotted up. And upon keen observation and questioning, as Pisces travels its evolutionary path of understanding oneness, it realizes that our problems aren’t all that unique or varied. In fact, we’re all only dealing with one core problem from which all others stem: our perceived separation from the divine.

Pisces is inside all of us, so whether you’re a Pisces sun, moon, rising or have many or no planets in Pisces, this energy is still in you. Join me to learn how Pisces’s energy shows up in your personality, your relationships, your health, and your soul’s journey.

This virtual, self-care astro-herbal workshop will be hosted by Clinical Herbalist, Medical Astrologer and Spiritual Teacher, Selima Harleston Lust.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

♓️ Pisces through the 12 houses, so you can know where you’re on the path of transcendence.

♓️ How to use Pisces’ spiritual energy to help others unknot themselves.

♓️ Self-care practices for Pisces, so you learn how to manage being “here” and “there,” no numbing required.

♓️ Which planetary transits to keep your eye on in 2021

♓️ How Pisces shows up in the physical body and how to use herbal medicine and mindfulness to mitigate Pisces related health problems and illnesses.

♓️ Craft Pisces affirmations and set intentions

BONUS: After you register, email me your full birthday with exact time and location (city, state, country) and pronoun. I’ll choose a few charts and analyze them live.

This workshop is perfect for beginner to intermediate astro-enthusiasts and for those wanting to learn or deepen into the fascinating realms of medical astrology and herbal medicine, and learn how spiritual teachings are infused in these two modalities that have been intertwined since…foreva!

Have a notebook handy, bring your questions, and your most open mind!

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