Plants Never Violate

Our bodies and our planet are our homes while in this lifetime. Our body is the temple where we, the being in us, is housed. And this planet is the sacred hearth for all of us, for every creature that lives here. The body and the planet are supposed to be places where we feel the most safe. 

One of the miracles that came from working with plant medicine is that it taught me how to trust again. Nature doesn’t look and turn on itself with the intent to harm, not in the way that we perform violent acts as human beings. The natural laws are all about equilibrium, reciprocity, and harmony, not robbery and violation.

When using plants as medicine because they do not violate, they can help us remember to trust our bodies, to trust nature, and as we deepen into this healing work, they can also help us remember how to trust others and ourselves again. 

This is especially true for folks who like me, were violated at an early age. It's like you came here and as if the assault on the five senses wasn’t enough, the community that you were born into who were supposed to embrace and shelter you, instead caused the biggest wounding. It makes you question your decisions as a soul. Why am I here? Why did I come to this family? 

With this family unit being my first introduction into life on Earth, is there anyone who I can trust? Of course you aren’t consciously asking yourself these questions when you are 4-5 years old, but as you get older and become more aware of how your childhood wounds inform how you move through the world, these unconscious questions begin to rise to the surface. 

Childhood trauma is a shock to every facet of the human spirit and we spend much of our lives trying to reclaim our power, remember our worthiness, and mend what was broken. Plants restore our faith in ourselves to be able to do this work and to feel safe inside of ourselves again.

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