Register for the free Illuminated Herbalism Summit

August 09, 2023

Register for the free Illuminated Herbalism Summit

I'm co-hosting and teaching again in this year's Illuminated Herbalism Summit by The Shift Network. 

If you long to heal and rejuvenate your physical body so you have the energy to fulfill your higher purpose, or desire to decode the wisdom of nature to live a more vibrant life…

…our upcoming summit will support you with a full spectrum of botanical AND spiritual knowledge, methods, and practices.

The Illuminated Herbalism Summit is arriving at a time of global awakening to the importance of holistic approaches to disease, emotional distress, and planetary healing:

These esteemed Ayurvedic and integrative medical doctors and pharmacists, herbalists, researchers, educators, and healers are shaping the future of herbal medicine… 

… supporting you to feel empowered on your healing path, as you decode the wisdom of nature and plant medicine modalities.

Free Online Event
Illuminated Herbalism Summit
August 21-25

I’m honored to be among 30 leading natural medicine experts, health practitioners, and inspiring educators — including Arjun Das, Karen Wang Diggs, Dr. John Douillard, Robin Rose Bennett, Dr. Marc Halpern, Acharya Shunya, Vaidya Jayarajan Kodikannath, Rosemary Gladstar, Olatokunboh Obasi, Dr. Rosita Arvigo, and many more.

We’ll be sharing up-to-date practices and insights for working with medicinal herbs — practical, hands-on, DIY tools you can use at home right now (or with clients) to help treat common physical and mental health concerns related to chronic pain, stress, anxiety, inflammation, grief, and other long-haul symptoms.

Prepare to change the way you look at healing with plants! 

RSVP here for the Illuminated Herbalism Summit — at no charge:

During this unparalleled 5-day gathering, you’ll discover:

  • How combining a harmonious herbal formula with breathwork, movement, mindful attention, and intention enhances the flow of “Qi” through the meridians 
  • How working with “plantcestors” as agents of memory, vessels of culture, and models of kinship can help us all heal, both personally and collectively 
  • The ways in which Tibetan medicine synthesizes a unique system which balances cause and effect, hot and cold, and the realities of both the illusionary and awakened self
  • How shamanic ceremony works with plant spirits by tapping into divine imagination — and allows us to heal through a radical process of dreaming ourselves anew
  • Why traditional medicine and its practitioners from around the diaspora deserve to be amplified and elevated
  • How to use somatic practices to awaken your intuition so you can make meaningful connections with wise, healing, and supportive plant allies
  • The Buddhist healing philosophy that explains the ways in which spiritual and physical illness are linked
  • How to connect with the sacred power of seeds as past, present, and future sustainers of life before you plant and harvest them
  • And much more…

Taking the health of your mind, heart, and body into your own hands is an act of revolution!

Empower yourself by uncovering these botanical secrets — hidden in plain sight — for rejuvenation, a long and healthy life, and spiritual illumination.

Join us for this free online event, taking place August 21–25, 2023.

RSVP at no charge here:


P.S. Here’s some of what the brilliant speakers will be sharing with you…

  • Acharya Shunya will share her wisdom about (a number of) divinely potent nourishing herbs prescribed in the beautiful healing tradition known as Ayurveda. 
  • Arjun Das will reveal how Vedic astrology and herbalism intertwine, and how planetary energies can inform and enrich your approach to plant-based healing.
  • Vaidya Jayarajan Kodikannath will discuss how to regulate derangement of the inner systemic harmony affecting the metabolic system — using Ayurvedic herbs with their active and energetic plant consciousness.
  • Rosemary Gladstar will offer plant teachings that can strengthen you, help heal you, and light the way on your journey through these unsettling times. 
  • Karen Wang Diggs will focus on the incredible diversity of microbes in your gut, and how they directly connect you to the sacred energy of nature.
  • Dr. John Douillard, DC, will introduce the Vedic concept of Pragya Paradh, which is believed to be a separation from consciousness that causes disease.
  • Olatokunboh Obasi will discuss formulating salty, bitter, or pungent herbal blends as a proactive approach for treating anxiety.
  • Robin Rose Bennett will share that skin health is an extension of internal health — and how you can use herbs to nourish both.
  • Dr. Marc Halpern will explore the use of Ayurvedic herbs to support spiritual connection, enhance your health, and expand your connection to all of creation. 
  • Dr. Rosita Arvigo will show you how to make a Lustral Bowl with plants, water, and prayer.

And much more!

RSVP here for the Illuminated Herbalism Summit — at no charge:

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