[REPLAY] Virgo Season Self-Care An Astro-Herbal Workshop

August 31, 2020

[REPLAY] Virgo Season Self-Care An Astro-Herbal Workshop

Virgos how you love a good box to check! The wave of relief that washes over you when  you complete a to-do list is damn-near orgasmic. Speaking of O’s who says the virtuous path of the Virgin of the zodiac is chastity, purity, and perfection?

Virgo, which is so closely tied to striving for perfection must learn what that means in this lifetime. The sign that’s most oriented around health, service, analysis, and discernment traverses the tightrope between illness and wellness, abstinence and hoin’-it-out, and service and capacity. All extremes and everything in between are acceptable.

Virgo is in us all, so whether you’re a Virgo sun, moon, or rising, or have another placement, join me to learn how Virgo’s energy shows up in you, your life, your health, your routine, your service, and soul’s journey.

This virtual, self-care astro-herbal workshop will be hosted by Clinical Herbalist, Medical Astrologer and Spiritual Teacher, Selima Harleston Lust.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

♍️ Virgo through the 12 houses, so you can know where the trap of a static definition of perfection can hurt you instead of help

♍️ How to use Virgo’s analytical energy and superpower for the good of your service to others

♍️ Self-care practices for Virgo, so you stop trying to save everyone at all time and learn how to honor your capacity

♍️ Which planetary transits to keep your eye on in 2020, so that you’re aligned with the cosmos and understand when it’s time to help yourself first

♍️ How Virgo shows up in the physical body and how to use herbal medicine and mindfulness to mitigate Virgo related health problems and illnesses

♍️ Craft Virgo affirmations and set intentions


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