Rest + Skullcap

March 26, 2023

Rest + Skullcap

Is it safe to assume that most of us aren’t good at rest?

Our lives are so fast-paced, the to-do lists are perpetually long, and the obligations we feel to show up for others make us treat rest like an after thought or worse, a bonus.

It’s not uncommon for us to get sick or come down with something when we refuse to honor our signals for rest.

I once had a private client who acknowledged that her health was terrible because she spent her whole adult life putting the needs of others over her own. She was 95 pounds, frail, and needed 24/7 oxygen therapy.

When this pattern of over-commitment persists, we may find ourselves chronically depleted and asking the same question this person on IG asked:

“Does this (herbal medicine) work for feeling tired all the time?”

I have pondered this person’s question for weeks. I know what they want to hear: yes. And it is true, many plants improve our energy.

But a simple yes and listing a few plants is not the answer that will set this person up to reclaim their energy or well-being.

Exhaustion, fatigue, depletion are not acute states that have quick fixes. And there are many factors that contribute to it, like:

🔺Eating a nutrient-depleted diet
🔺Insufficient or unrestful sleep
🔺Chronic illnesses and medications
🔺Anxiety, depression, racing mind, and negativity 
🔺High stress and overwork
🔺Unresolved traumas that keep us in fight, flight, or freeze mode

If we look at our energy levels like a bank account, then we have to consider if we are withdrawing more than we are depositing.

Even though we treat ourselves as fractured, we are whole beings and every element of our lives contributes to our health story.

So today’s Healing Prix Fixe appetizer is an invitation to Rest.

Not take a nap.
Not have a self-care Sunday.
Not book a hair, nails and Netflix evening with friends.
Not go on a retreat.

Rest is a practice. It is deliberate. It is allowing spaciousness in, every day. It is a daily slowing down, so that you can pause before doing something that overdrafts your account.

And today’s herbal pairing with rest is Skullcap. Just as its name implies it’s a beanie for a racing mind.

Bitter, trophorestorative, and a relaxing nervine, it repairs a frayed nervous system, supports digestion, reduces anxiety, and helps you get actual rest in the form of sleep.

An Except from Jammi’s Herbal Medicine for the Soul Final Project

“This mentorship program was EXACTLY what I needed and even more of what I didn’t know I needed. Real, practical, grounded, spiritual, mental, physical - actions, learning and experiencing. Weaving together all ways that I’d been gathering knowledge over my lifetime, and putting it into practice in a way that bolsters and benefits me.

Allowing me the spiritual knowledge of how to really participate in plant medicine for my ultimate wellbeing and aliveness. Practical actions to trust the plants and invite their magic healing into my life in a way that my heart, soul, and head could process and accept. And teaching me the patience to allow plants to do their work over time - not just with a pill or a quick fix."

Herbal Medicine for the Soul is perfect for the person who craves a personal healing breakthrough and for the current or aspiring herbalist/healer/medical practitioner who desires to proficiency in herbal medicine for the expansion of their holistic business.

Enrollment closes March 31st. When you join now you'll save 43% when you use the code: 1LOVEMYSELF. Plug this code into any of the package options on our website.

If it resonates, we’d love to welcome you into our community. 💞

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