Sagittarius Season Self-Care An Astro-Herbal Workshop [REPLAY]

Sagittarius, who doesn’t love you? Self-proclaimed the most likable sign of the zodiac, what is it about you that most love? Your charisma, your charm, your sense of adventure, or your hunger for knowledge? You refuse to be chained, except perhaps by your own bonds, that is (ha!). Your pursuit of freedom broadens all of our horizons and we are forever changed by what you share.

You are ruler of the 9th house, the place in our development where we crave more and where we are fueled by new experiences that help us form new truths about ourselves and the world. Our worldview grows ever more expansive; we can never really reach the horizon, but we chase it in the 9th house arena.

Sagittarius is the seeker, just remember when you have found what you’re looking for (in that moment), while it feels like a revelation to you, it may not be an “ah ha” for everyone else. Sagittarius has to be mindful of thinking that truth for me, means truth for all. We’re all on a spiritual journey, but we’re not starting at the same place in these lifetimes. Some are in kindergarten and others are in graduate school.

Sagittarius is inside all of us, so whether you’re a Sagittarius sun, moon, rising or have many or no planets in Sagittarius, this energy is still in you. Join me to learn how Sagittarius’s energy shows up in your worldview, your relationships, your health, and your soul’s journey.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:
♐️ Sagittarius through the 12 houses, so you can know where you always need to seek new knowledge, so you don’t grow stagnant.
♐️ How to use Sagittarius’s freedom-seeking energy for the enhancement of your relationships, so you don’t feel tied-down.
♐️ Self-care practices for Sagittarius, so you learn how to curb over-indulgence.
♐️ Which planetary transits to keep your eye on in 2021.
♐️ How Sagittarius shows up in the physical body and how to use herbal medicine and mindfulness to mitigate Sagittarius related health problems and illnesses.
♐️ Craft Sagittarius affirmations and set intentions.


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