Show me where I am needed. Show me what to create.

As our business expands, I constantly remind myself that the ultimate goal, that the thread that weaves through every initiative, every project, this new website, every class and consultation is to be of service to humanity. I am here to help people heal. That is my purpose. It's powerful in and of itself to know this truth, because I didn't always remember it. Now to claim it, say yes to it, embody it and do it in every breath is another story. It is not difficult, per se, but it bears a great deal of responsibility.

When you know who you are and what you're here to do, you can't un-know and you can't un-do. You can't mute it while you get ya drank on and you can't not live it. There is no Control-Alt-Delete when you are on the spiritual path. Everyone knows it when they've encountered a fake, at least I hope they do. Where I am today and in this moment is figuring out how to voice my expression of this work in the most authentic way, while using matrix tools i.e. social media.

I'd like help, but every course is about growing followers and converting those followers into buyers, so you can make $1 million dollars online in a year. Followers and buyers are human beings not 1's and 0's and things to collect and amass. Influence, to me, is real and serious and involves the heart. Is there a formula for that? Yes, I am reminded, go to your altar and ask, "Show me where I am needed. Show me what to create." Then go do that thing.

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