The Evolutionary Plant Medicine Summit

September 12, 2022

The Evolutionary Plant Medicine Summit

Fam! I'm super excited to announce that I'm co-hosting this year's Evolutionary Plant Medicine Summit! You know my love for herbal medicine extends far beyond their ability to help us therapeutically. Plants are far more than static substances — they are brilliant agents helping us evolve beyond our personal and collective crises.

Tapping into the secrets of plants and herbal allies can help us be more centered, calm, resilient, resourceful, and confident. 

That’s why we’re excited to invite you to The Evolutionary Plant Medicine Summit! You’ll feel empowered on your healing path, as you discover new ways to increase your knowledge of plant medicine modalities. 

The Evolutionary Plant Medicine Summit is arriving at a time of global awakening to the importance of holistic approaches to disease, emotional distress, and planetary healing. These esteemed Ayurvedic and integrative medical doctors and pharmacists, herbalists, researchers, educators, and healers are shaping the future of herbal medicine.

You’ll be hearing from more than 30 leading natural medicine experts, health practitioners, and inspiring educators — including Dave Asprey, Dr. Vandana Shiva, David Crow, Dr. Brenda Krulikowski, Sajah Popham, Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Dr. David Frawley, Robin Rose Bennett, Trupti Gokani, Rocio Alarcón G., and many others — alongside co-hosts Dr. Marc Halpern, Emma Farrell, and yours truly!

We’ll be sharing up-to-date practices and insights for working with medicinal herbs — practical, hands-on, DIY tools you can use at home right now (or with clients) to help with sleep, pain, anxiety, and reproductive issues. 

Learn more and RSVP here for the free Evolutionary Plant Medicine Summit here.

During this unparalleled 5-day gathering, you’ll discover:

  • Revelatory practices to help you experience Earth as a parent-mirror 
  • The dynamic co-creative potential of tapping into the psycho-spiritual healing capabilities of plants
  • The direct link between your gut microbiome and your immune system, and ways to support healthy microbes through your diet
  • How seasonal eating synchronizes your biological clock with nature’s circadian rhythms — so you can maintain a healthy intestinal environment and microbiome
  • Ways to apply basic Tibetan medical principles to your practice, matching plant medicine offerings to human pathology in order to heal physical imbalances
  • How plants communicate with each other — and the messages they give us for creating a brighter future
  • And much more…

Join us for this free online event, taking place September 26–30, 2022. 

RSVP at no charge here.

With joy,


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