Track what sparks your curiosity even when you can't connect the dots

February 16, 2021

Track what sparks your curiosity even when you can't connect the dots

Seven pages! When I looked back at my journal entry, I was shocked! I didn’t realize I had that much inside of me to express. I don’t journal daily, but I do it often enough that it helps me keep track of my progress. Journaling has 4 big benefits for me:

  • Emotional release. It’s a gentle way of getting whatever’s in, out. 
  • Self-accountability. When you go back and read about what you said you wanted to do then realize you haven’t made any steps toward doing that, yeah…
  • Visioning. Write your future. Back in 2008 I wrote down everything I wanted in a romantic partnership and Tami was right there.
  • Documentation. What I most love about a journal practice is that I have documentation of answers to questions I wasn’t consciously asking at the time. 

As an example, I saw an IG ad in 2016 that made my head tilt. I wrote down the coach’s name and a year later when I was consciously asking for a solution, I saw her name and website in my journal and signed up for her program. Spirit had shown me the answer before I knew there was a question. I LOVE that! I love feeling and knowing that I’m supported!

This happened again recently when I had this “ah ha” realization that there are several people who have come into my life in the past year whose presence are answers to longings I didn’t even know I had. Sometimes we can get so caught up in thinking that when we’re calling in a mentor, coach, new friends, or partner that it’s all for us, for our benefit and what we desire from the relationship. We don’t often think about what we add to the dynamic, but I deeply believe that whenever we feel heart-resonance with someone, we can trust that we each have medicine the other needs. We are all co-creators and answers to each other’s prayers.

Spirit is always beaming messages to you for your benefit and for your future, illuminating the graceful path. Unfortunately, sometimes we have our backs turned and don’t see (or receive) the signs that life is sending. It still turns out ok though, even when we have to recover from those hard learning lumps. 

I hope you take some time to think about the people in your life, the opportunities that have come to you, and those messages that come through that spark your curiosity. Write them down. Keep track and trust that it’s a useful note, even if you can’t connect all of the dots now. Your life is setting you up for success, wellbeing, and joy, not failure!

With love,


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