Unlock Your Mastery: Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction!

We devoted an entire 2-hour class inside Herbal Medicine for the Soul last Thursday to this planetary conversation. Here are some of the highlights. 

Aquarius is where this planetary conversation is taking place. I love Aquarian energy, it’s masterful. Coming off the heels of what Capricorn has built, Aquarius is the sign that fully understands the weaknesses in the structures and systems that were formed and built in the previous sign. Aquarius labored on its hands and knees, toiled, poured blood, sweat, and tears into the foundation. Then it rose and with deep knowing that there were spots missed and corners cut, it poured the water to reveal the leaks and wash away the weaknesses. Aquarian is radical, game-changing, 100ft-ahead-energy that knows the revolution depends on individual foresight and bravery. Aquarius has to move forward with what it knows to be true for Self and for the collective. Its energy is not to “fit in” it’s “follow me.” We have change because we have Aquarius.

Jupiter’s energy tells us to forge ahead with our rebelliously idealistic plans because the seas have parted. Ushering in all the optimism, faith, and trust we need, Jupiter reminds us that it’s go-time and that we must act while the wind is in our sails. We can ask for what we desire and know that it will be granted. There will be losses and there will be those wishes we’re glad didn’t come true. Jupiter says it’s all good, the only failure is not trying, not shooting your shot.

Saturn is the planet whose mic is turned up a little louder in this conversation because 1. its transit through Aquarius is longer, making the experiences more deeply felt and 2. it is in one of its home signs. Saturn always teaches us to put our heads down and do the work. Where Saturn shows up we know there’s an old-school Catholic nun with their ruler in hand standing over our shoulders making sure we keep our heads down and our eyes focused on our own work. Steal a glimpse to the left or right and smack! The smack in this instance with Saturn are the feelings of depression, anxiety, and fatigue, not because you aren’t doing the work, but because you looked up and took score too soon. You thought you should be there, be done already. We have big goals where Saturn shows up in our charts, mountains to climb that are impossible to hike in a day, but stay the course, be disciplined, persevere through hardship (those obstacles are teaching you something), and most importantly keep putting one foot in front of the other. How glorious the reward will be when we reach the summit, celebrate our transformation, and say “we did THAT!”

We shall remember the lessons of the past while we (🎶 work, work, work, work, work) to create the future, a collective experience that doesn’t just serve a few, but saves the world. Take a look at the house placement of your natal Aquarius and know that in that area of your life and personality, you’re already doing what’s out-of-the-box (based on the culture - micro and macro - you were exposed to). You’re already talented in this area in being the weirdo and solving problems in unpredictable ways. Allow this planetary conversation to:

1. Amplify your individuality, your perspective, and your unique gifts. Know who you be and that you and your ideas add value to every room you enter!
2. Have trust that while folks may not “get you” now, build it and they’ll soon come to appreciate the path you’ve paved.
3. Be disciplined, deliberate, and patient. Structures get torn down faster than they are built.

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