Using Plants for Spiritual Support

Herbs can improve your spiritual connection to yourself, your inner being, and to God/Source/Energy/Creator. You can use herbs to help you get aligned with the trueness and center of your Being. 

One of the ways you may already be aware of how to use plants spiritually could be smudging your space with incense, copal, dragon’s blood, sage or myrrh. When you light them, you can really feel the energy shift and clear in your home or environment. 

You may not yet be aware, though, that all plants have physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits to us. They are whole, holistic beings just like we are. They touch us on all levels as human beings having a spiritual experience. 

One of my personal experiences specifically for spiritual reasons was for understanding compassion. I was so hardened by the abuse I experienced in the past that I could not recognize compassion because of my hurt. If you have been hurt in the past, your ability to relate to others may be impaired. I called on the plants to help me understand what compassion was. The result was:

  • Acknowledging the depths of my own inner hurt
  • Doing the work to heal from those old wounds
  • Courageously allowing myself to be vulnerable again

Plants have a gentle way of penetrating the parts of our personality that are resistant to change because of past hurts and violations. Our spirits, though really crave this freedom from the past, so the plants connect with our inner beings. Plants show us we are safe and reflect back to us unconditional love and courage, and help us to see our divine potential.

As we allow plants to penetrate our hearts, the healing we can receive from them on the physical body is accelerated.

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