What Crisis Teaches Us

The only thing that matters when you are in crisis is how you choose to handle it. Your reaction to your circumstances is the measurement of your evolutionary process.
This is not to say that when you respond with rage, depression, retreat, doubt, judgement or worry that you are somehow not evolved, conscious or “awake.”
It is also not a means of judging yourself harshly when you are going through tough times as if you deserve it or brought it on to yourself.
This is about life presenting you with challenges and obstacles that make you uncomfortable enough to change your behavior.
Because default patterns, programs, and beliefs about yourself, others and the world need shaking up. 
Because life needs to poke your pain points in order for you to identity where you need to grow, shift, expand, contract, speak, shut the fuck up, apologize, create, surrender, make peace, let go...
Because if you reacted to circumstances in the same way every single time and those reactions worked to your highest good every single time, then why did you incarnate into a physical body on Earth? You could have stayed in Spirit to have it easy.
Because this is how you can learn to be compassionate. When you are riding high, you start thinking “It is easy for me, why can’t everyone just do it too.” But when you start losing, then you relate to others in their losses and say “I understand, this is not easy.” 
Experience enough losses and you will finally, hopefully say “My sister, my brother, how can I help you? How can I love you through this?” 

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