Why Proper Plant Identification is Critical

Poke is NOT Elderberry.

Yes, their berries both have deep, rich color, but the plants don’t even remotely resemble each other.

They are NEVER to be confused. While Poke is medicinal, using any part of the plant, be it the berries (toxic seeds removed), young leaves, or root, should be done with extreme care and caution.

Poke is a potent lymphatic cleanser that facilitates the removal of catabolic waste. Poke is also a low-dose herb - too much can cause nausea, vomiting, oral and gastric irritation, cramps, drowsiness, weakness, sweating, convulsions, reduced blood pressure and pulse, and slow respiration potentially to the point of death. Nature doesn’t play!

We need this potent medicine and more importantly, we need education, skill, to be attuned to the plant realm, responsibility, accountability, integrity, and wisdom when using it.

Poke is for seasoned herbalists, not hobbyists, not bloggers, nor internet-herb-lovers. I really hope this person who’s selling Poke as Elderberry on Etsy hasn’t hurt anyone.

If you want to do this work, learn from someone who’s doing the work. #lawdhavemercy


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