How to be more consistent in your herbal practice?

January 11, 2023

How to be more consistent in your herbal practice?

Life is full and sometimes it can feel like we’re not putting in as much effort as we should be to make the progress we want to see. Let’s take away the “shoulds” shall we?

While herbal medicine has been a big part of our lives and the crux of our health care for close to 15 years now, every year is not about healing from a condition or intensely studying the plants, body, or constituents.  Some seasons are devoted to integration and play and there’s much reward and healing from those times as well.  

In this video, Tami and I talk about how being consistent in your herbal practice is no different than dedicating time and energy to many of the other endeavors you’re pursing or habits you’re forming.

In under 4 minutes, we provide some tips and advice that hopefully inspires you take the pressure off and be patient and spacious with your learning process.

With joy,

Selima  & Tami


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