Reclamation of Power

Reclamation of Power Remember Your Wholeness Banner ImageReclamation of Power is a monthly program focused on healing trauma. We all have it. Mine is childhood abuse and Tami's is forced identity suppression. Yours may be addiction, tragedy, an accident, surgery, illness, the loss of a child or loved one, or something else. I define trauma as experiences that cast a shadow on parts of the soul. Big or small, only you can know how an event or circumstance in your life affected you. Trauma is the thing that hold you back; the wound to your emotional and/or physical body that forces you to repress some of your light as a means of self-preservation and protection. Because we’ve all been hurt so deeply, trauma makes us cut off our hearts from unconditionally giving and receiving love. This fullness of love is a prerequisite for a life of worth, health, joy, abundance and purpose. Without it, we settle for part-time happiness, because our pain consumes the rest of our energy.

However, even our trauma, our deepest pains, can become our biggest teachers. Through Reclamation of Power, I as your Spiritual Cheerleader, will nurture, encourage and guide you through the development of a spiritual practice that allows you to disconnect your identity from your pain and attach your worth to your divinity. Through the exploration of sacred herbal medicine and a myriad of spiritual tools (forgiveness, chants, meditation, movement, guide writing, etc.) that I use in my personal practice, you’ll transform your darkness into light, and gracefully return to wholeness.

Healing is an active process and one that will require your dedication and believe it or not, just moments of your time. Small, meaningful and spiritually directed actions are so powerful in bringing forth transformation. Your willingness to show up for yourself; to be open, honest, authentic and kind with yourself; and to let go of pieces of your pain bit by bit, are all integral to this work. 

Month 1: Herbal Consultation & Custom Wellness Protocol (please read the Herbal Consultations page for detailed information on this step). This is where we begin our journey because we need to work toward establishing a baseline, solid ground from which to build your healing practice.

Month 2: Healing Spiral – For thirty minutes, we’ll talk about the issues that are most present – the sources of your pain – and prioritize them. We’ll tap into your intuition to be spiritually guided on how we should flow through this work together.

Month 3 & Beyond: Each month we will have a 30-minute Spiritual Cheerleading call. Where you are in the process, how you’re feeling and what needs to be worked on next in the Healing Spiral will all determine the type of herbal medicine and exercises you’ll be asked to do for the month. After this conversation, you’ll always receive a Spiritual Cheerleading Practice, a document that re-caps our conversation, includes a description of the herbal medicine I’ll send to you and an explanation of the spiritual exercise you’ll be doing.

$150 – One time fee for the Herbal Consultation & Custom Wellness Protocol

  • 1.5 Hour Wellness Interview
  • Custom Protocol + Medicine
  • 2-20min Follow-up Conversations

$80 – Monthly fee for Spiritual Cheerleading

  • 30-minute Cheerleading Call
  • Custom Herbal Medicine
  • Spiritual Homework

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