Work With Us - Apothecary Apprentice Opportunity


Part-time, Must be located in Atlanta

We’re looking for an exceptional apprentice. You’re extremely organized and able to be the righthand person to high-demand individuals who require responsiveness, immaculate execution, clear communication and extreme attention to detail.

You must be located in Atlanta to apply for this role. This is an apprenticeship role, in which you will receive manufacturing and operations experience in as well as free enrollment in our Herbal Medicine for the Soul Mentorship program in exchange for your work. 

Applications are accepting on a rolling basis. 


You’re able to be the righthand person to Selima and Tami who require responsiveness, immaculate execution, clear communication, absolute trust, and extreme attention to detail.

You are the layer between the medicine and our highly valued customers and clients. Your #1 priority is to make high vibrational medicine and to pack and ship orders, so that we can use our energy bringing Iwilla Remedy to the next level.

You have the ability to:

  • Get yourself into spiritual alignment before entering our space and touching the medicine
  • Follow precise manufacturing and record-keeping instructions
  • Offer suggestions for systems improvements that save us time in the long-term
  • Perform mundane tasks with precision and joy, understanding that herbalism and running an herbal business is not all “om’s” and flowers.

As an integral part of our team, you do NOT cut corners. You ask questions when you need clarification. You know that to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is unacceptable.

Friends often describe you as helpful, committed, detail oriented, and above all, kind. You bring light and try to bring joy into every room you fill. You know that energy is everything.

When there’s a problem or you know that things can be done more efficiently, you are not afraid to speak up and offer your suggestions. You handle feedback well.

You may not know how to make herbal medicine yet, but if you know how to cook and follow recipes to the T, and therefore can pick up medicine-making quickly.

You possess “The Big 3” we needPassion, Capability, and Capacity. You’re passionate about health and helping people heal to thrive. You can follow detailed instructions consistently. You have the capacity in your life (and are honest about it) to take on this role and execute it with exceptional results.


  1. MAKE MEDICINE – You’ll sterilize all jars, equipment, and preparation areas; precisely weigh and measure ingredients; blend ingredients according to the formulation instructions; accurately log batch numbers and preparation dates
  2. PACK, PICK & SHIP – You’ll fulfill orders; prepare bulk herbs and herb kits
  3. TRACK INVENTORY – You’ll use our database to mark inventory levels
  4. RESEARCH & COPYWRITING – You’ll research herbs and draft articles for publication on our website
  5. VIDEO EDITING – You'll watch video content to pull out wisdom, teaching moments, insights, and testimonials. 


We are intentional about who we invite into our lives. Here’s what we’re looking for to be a part of our team:

  1. High energy - You bring that infinite, untouchable energy 
  2. Positive & Optimistic - You bring the light and the unconditional love for others. You know everyone is doing the best they can.
  3. Skilled communicator - You understand instructions the first time (and if you don’t, you ask specific clarifying questions), and you express yourself clearly & succinctly in person and over email
  4. Great sense of humor - You don’t take yourself or anyone too seriously. You lighten the mood and liven every room you walk into.
  5. Multi-faceted - You have all these hidden talents because you’ve done a wide range of responsibilities in the past and can figure out anything with the help of Google, YouTube, podcasts, Audible, or phoning a friend.
  6. Independent thinker - You ask why. You don’t do things a certain way just because everyone else does it that way. You seek to understand why and make your own decisions.

Discrete - You keep the private details of our life, our business, and our team private. You take confidentiality and discretion very seriously. You’re not doing this role so you can do it for the ‘gram. You’re doing it because you believe in the mission we’re out to accomplish—it’s not about boosting your public persona. 


Selima and Tami could not be more different in the way they think, approach life and business. Our differences are what make us work!

We are looking for someone to add to our natural strengths, not mimic us – this won’t work if we are identical :D

Read all about us and watch several videos on our IG to get a feel for our personalities, our message, and mission.




Founded by Selima and Tami Lust, Iwilla Remedy was born in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, and now operates in Atlanta, GA. Since its inception in 2012, Iwilla Remedy through its natural products, healing messages, programs, and talks, has inspired over 10,000 people to make breakthroughs in their health.

What initially began as a natural body care line, has expanded into a truly holistic wellness experience. With herbal medicine at the forefront, they provide private herbal consultations, spiritual and medical astrological readings, comprehensive coaching through their Herbal Medicine for the Soul 6-month online mentorship program. Iwilla Remedy's line of herbal products is carefully crafted to improve your physical health and mental resilience. And through Tami and Selima's signature process, the CALYPSO Healing Method™, you learn the "how-to" of releasing and letting go of the negative mental and emotional patterns that are the root of all physical pain, illness, and disease.

Iwilla Remedy has been featured in Mother Earth Living, Yoga Journal, Lucky, GO Magazine, Madame Noire, Refinery 29, Mama Glow, Well + Good, Brooklyn Live, the Mindful Rebel Podcast, Word of Mind Radio, Wellness Radio Show hosted by Hello Helanah of 96.1 FM/900 AM, Sun Seed Community Podcast, and the Womb Centered Healing Podcast.

Tami and Selima are proud wives and mothers of their son Niles Lust and are both graduates of Sacred Vibes Apothecary Herbal Apprenticeship.

Our company is small, but our commitment to healing is large. Let us be a resource, and if our spirits are aligned, let us help you on your journey to reclaiming your wholeness.


This will start as a part-time, unpaid role, requiring 10 hours per week with 6-month minimum commitment. If you do not complete the internship, you will have to pay the balance due for your enrollment in Herbal Medicine for the Soul. This can potentially transition into a paid Part-Time or Full-Time role.

You will work directly with Selima and Tami and get access to our trainings, so that you’re equipped to be successful in your role as well as gain the skills you need for your future in herbalism, wellness, and healing.

We are looking for people based in metro-Atlanta only. This is not a virtual role.


Please submit your cover letter, resume, and two references to Applications accepted year-round.